A Growth in My Photography

I bought my first DSLR in 2012, and here we are 4 years later. I can say that my photography skills have grown and changed dramatically. I am still learning and have lots more to learn. I can’t wait to see how much my skills improve a couple of  years from now.


These were taken when I initially got my camera. I shot in JPEG, auto settings, and used the flash on my camera body. I finally started using manual 100% and haven’t looked back since. Here is a difference from some Christmas images….


Not bad… Here are some I took at a kids museum


After seeing how much of a change there was in my images, I realized that I have grown. I was not sure if there had been much improvement. I decided to take my son out to the Airborne Museum for some Memorial Day/4th of July themed photos. Here are the results:



Here we are in 2017, and I have seen a lot of growth and progress in my work. I love learning more every day. I finally invested in better gear and editing tutorials to learn how to get the most out of Lightroom and Photoshop.

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A Trip Back Home to Texas!!

Since I am off school for the summer, I decided to head home to Texas to spend time with family. I wanted to get some family time in before I became super swamped with nursing school. It was a long day and a half drive, and oh my goodness was I pooped when we finally arrived there. My husband’s family had a potluck the weekend he flew down.

We visited the Botanical Garden in Corpus Christi, TX, and there were some beautiful flowers and animals there.

I took some at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi. There was unfortunate event when the chemicals to clean the tanks killed off most of the fish. 😦 Super sad. The chemicals were labeled wrong due to the company, and the aquarium lost half of their fish, so I only got a few pictures.

North Carolina Zoo!!

Our first visit to the NC Zoo in Asheboro was when our son was 2 years old. Two years later, we made our second trip to the 500+ acre natural habitat. It is the largest in the US! Off topic… we were in Texas visiting family and watched the new Jurassic World. My son has been obsessed with dinosaurs since then. Back to the topic… there is a Dino World in the NC ZOO, so we decided a second trip was a must. He went bananas when he saw the mechanical dinosaurs making noises!

Here are some of the live animals now lol. I tried to get them as best as I could with a crazy grumpy old man in a wheel chair (my FIL) and his impatient son (my husband) haha.

I did get some pictures of beautiful flowers.

The ones of my family came out pretty good. I wish I had better ones without feeling so rushed. I am still learning my camera, and I want to get the images right in camera so I wouldn’t have to spend numerous hours post processing.

We definitely have to visit this zoo again! We walked over 4 miles across the whole zoo, and it was a great workout!

Our First Family Camping Trip!!!

We had a blast on taking our son on his first camping trip, and he loved every minute of it! We accompanied our friends and their two children. My two boxer pups, Layla and Sadie, enjoyed the great outdoors too. LOL! I hadn’t been camping since my husband and I first got married, so we had to start from scratch with camping gear. I love our tent!! We got the Coleman Weathermaster II 16X10, and oh my goodness…. it is amazing! I set it up by myself too!

Half Bath Revamp

From the day I moved into my new home I have hated the color of our half bath. I kept putting it off on my “TO DO” list for too long and finally couldn’t look at it anymore. The color was too dark and made my bathroom feel even smaller than it already was. Here is a before. Don’t mind the skeleton baby. Lol!


So I started with the prime… It is a very dark color and it just didn’t go with the theme I had in there. Once I finished the prime, I let it dry for a day or two. Then I put the sample paint to see if it was the color I wanted. The color is Behr’s Ocean Kiss. Beautiful color. I just painted one wall to see what it looked like.


I have come to a dilemma; do I use this wall as an accent wall and the rest tan, or do I do a partial blue and tan with some white trim to separate the colors? I couldn’t decide, so I figured a trial would be best lol. If anything, I could prime it again ad start over.


Eh.. Not bad. So I had already painted the bottom part of the wall tan and removed the painters tape. Now I taped the wall all the way around.




Once that was done, I started with the tan which is Behr’s Gobi Desert. With the lighting, the colors will look different, but I only used the two Behr’s colors for the two toned wall.






Here is the bathroom after the final coat.



After battling with my crazy school schedule, I finally finished the half bath. I ended up adding some chair rail trim to separate the blue and tan. I chose beach decor because I come from south Texas where I lived on the coast…and it just reminds me of home.




I got the beach themed canvas ideas from Pinterest. Most of the decor I scored from Hobby Lobby & BigLots. While the jars and bottle were made from a pickle jar & pasta sauce jar, using some hemp rope to create the netting around it. I used twine hot glue on an empty wine bottle. I will add a tutorial of both to my DIY page when I get a chance. Thank you for looking!!